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Project Description

Tony Forsberg


M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Stockholm,
Senior geotechnical engineering advisor, professional experience: a) 2018-09 – present, GeoMind KB (partner), independent geotechnical consultants with expertise in retention walls, piling and ground improvement b) 2014/10 – present, business owner Stable Ground AB, independent geotechnical consultant, Stockholm, Sweden c) 2015-06 – 2017-06 TREVI and TREVIICOS Corporation (TREVI Group), Area Manager Ground Improvement, Houston, Texas, Business Development Manager, resident in Stockholm, Sweden d) 2010/01 –2014/08 Keller Holding do Brazil Ltda and Keller Engenharia Geotécnica Ltda. (Keller Group), CEO for Keller Brazil, resident in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, e) 2005/11 – 2010/01 Lime Column Method AB (Keller Group), CEO for Keller Scandinavia, resident in Gothenburg, Sweden.